Leagus, Flora Eallin (2LP)

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Double vinyl. Comes in gatefold cover.

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LEAGUS is a contemporary and experimental musical duo from Sápmi, Norway, whose music alternates between formal composed parts, open structures, and free improvisation, and ranges from subdued, minimalistic, psalm-like pieces, to more rock-oriented improvised parts. Consisting of pianist Herborg Rundberg and guitarist Kristian Svalestad Olstad, LEAGUS was originally formed in 2013 by Herborg, as part of her Masters degree in Rhythmic Music at the Tromsø Conservatory, where Kristian had also received his Masters degree in the same subject two years earlier.

Over the years the duo have worked extensively on finding new, and different interactions between the piano and the guitar, which has lead to the development of a new and progressive kind of musical togetherness. It is a sound that is highly dynamic with musical contrasts playing a big part in their concept.

In 2021 LEAGUS were commissioned by the North Norwegian Jazz Ensemble to write a piece for a ten-member orchestra. The result was “Flora Eallin” which was composed and arranged by Herborg and Kristian. This led to a tour with the North Norwegian Jazz Ensemble and long time collaborator and visual designer Torbjørn Thrane Sandnes.

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