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The people behind Karisma & Dark Essence Records AS have always been interested in a lot of different musical styles and genres, which is quite evident when you look at the catalogue of releases from both labels. And, when one do dabble with more progressive and experimental music some times, it should be no surprise that we also enjoy a lot of jazz music as well.

That’s why we now launch a new sub-label, simply called Is it Jazz? Records. Why the name Is it Jazz? Records do you ask? Well, what’s labeled jazz is so much these days, that it even within the jazz scene there’s discussions on what is jazz and what is not. Here, we will release bands and artists that we feel represents jazz for us, be it the classic sounding jazz sounding ones, the really experimental ones, the soft singer/songwriters or the hard rocking proggers. We hope you’ll enjoy our jazz discoveries, and let’s see if you think it’s jazz or not!