Is It Jazz? Records reveals first single from upcoming Datadyr album.


“A short, sweet banger of a song!” is how Norwegian Jazz Trio DATADYR describe “Tier”, the opening track of their upcoming album “Woolgathering”, and which also happens to be the track that Is it Jazz? Records have chosen to release as the first single from the album. 

Datadyr - Tier Single

“Tier” is, according to DATADYR, “One of the first songs we made together, and it’s one of the few songs that always appears on our set list whenever we play live”, and you can stream or download it from a number of services at:

“Woolgathering” itself will be released on the 10th June and is set to be an explosive mix of Americana, Blues, Jazz and Free Jazz. Recorded at the Solslottet Studio at Bergen Kjøtt, and produced and engineered by Iver Sandøy, “Woolgathering features guest musicians Ketil Møster on saxophone and Mathias Marstrander on guitar.  

Datadyr - Woolgathering vinyl

With artwork by Eigil Nordstrøm, track listing for “Woolgathering”  is as follows:

  1. Tier
  2. Krystalldans
  3. Woolgathering
  4. Daybreaking
  5. FastUp
  6. Datadyr
  7. Low Hanging Moon

Based in Bergen, Norway, DATADYR is a trio comprising Øystein Høynes on bass, Amund Nordstrøm on drums and Odd Erlend Mikkelsen on guitars. All three musicians are graduates from the renowned Grieg Academy, and have considerable experience in other bands and projects such as KRYPTOGRAF, DREAMARCHER, ATARI, CORT PIIL and SHAKAI.    

The trio have used their musical training and experience to hone their skills and develop DATADYR’s distinctive sound, which ranges from the heartfelt and gentle to the energetic and explosive. It is a sound that is characterised by a mix of traditional jazz, newer directions in jazz and improvisation, and which, to this day, retains the spontaneous and playful expression that was the starting point for the band.  


Of their debut full-length, DATADYR had this to say:

“Woolgathering” is a collection of our favourite songs which were written early on in DATADYR’s career. Some of them go all the way back to 2018. While some of them are more recent. It’s a good mix of all our influences as a band and as individual musicians. “Woolgathering” means to daydream, to gather your thoughts – a fitting title in our opinion. 

“Woolgathering” will be released in CD, Digital and Red Vinyl formats and is now available to pre-order from:

More information about DATADYR can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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    Is It Jazz? Records reveals first single from upcoming Datadyr album.