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When Aksel Røed (GENERAL POST OFFICE, DAG ARNESEN),  first formed OTHER ASPECTS in 2019, his intention was to write music for a school project at the Grieg Academy, but, having created an octet that had in its ranks not only some the finest young Norwegian musicians, but also others with a proven track record, the much sought-after Jazz saxophonist found himself unable to put it to one side.

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In fact, OTHER ASPECTS became the focus of Røed’s attention to such an extent that in 2020 the band entered the Duper Studios in Bergen and recorded their debut album.  Titled “Do You Dream in Colours”,  and due out on Is it Jazz? Records on the 17th February, curious listeners can today get a taste of what to expect with the release of the track “I Usually Paint By Myself”, which  can be downloaded or streamed from a variety of sources at:

Røed gave us an insight into the track itself, and how it was created:

I Usually Paint By Myself, is a bluesy piano trio ballad inspired by the old free jazz aesthetic  where easy melodies are intertwined without free parts, leading to a grand finale in the end. The tune starts with the horn section playing a rubato line followed by an easy and «kind to the ear» melody played by Lauritz and Lyder. Isach comes in after the melody and plays a solo in a typical jazz form. But he is allowed to tear up every rule we’ve established by doing whatever the music calls for. The accompaniment simply has to follow along since there is no written chord scheme. I trusted the guys. As Miles Davis said, «the composition is the band». 


The only criteria is that the solo part should be sort of bluesy. We tie it all together when the backing from the horns comes in at a little before 4 minutes. Then the gospel harmony is soulfully introduced by the piano whilst  the horns are blowing their hearts out. The whole ends on a fiery and heavy tonic. As the title implies, I sometimes sit alone and paint (whatever it might be, sounds or pictures), but not always, and then it’s good to have seven of your mates backing you while you paint for dear life. 

The lineup of OTHER ASPECTS, which is the largest that Røed has been involved with so far, includes his brother Lyder Øvreås Røed on trumpet and flugelhorn,  Andreas Hesselberg Hatzikiriakidis on second trumpet, Sigurd Steinkopf on drums, Sverre Sæbø on bass,  and Isach Skeidsvoll on piano. Aside from Røed himself on tenor sax, the saxophone section is made up of Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvoll (BEAR BROTHER, MASTER OOGWAY) on soprano and tenor, and Michael Barnes (BERGEN BIGBAND) on baritone sax and bass clarinet.  Barnes, who Røed describes as an “Aussie who writes the best scores for large ensembles in Bergen”, also happens to be Røed’s long time mentor and friend.  

Musically Røed finds insipiration in the old saxophone recordings of Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler and Pharoah Sanders, and in the composition styles of Django Bates and Charlie Hadens Liberation Orchestra, but OTHER ASPECTS bears Røed’s hallmarks, with music that constantly drifts into different and surprising directions.  As he explains:

The music is composed but not set, meaning its perfectly acceptable,  and even encouraged, to think and play outside the box. Most of the magic within the band lies in the free improvisation. 

KAR248LP AkselRoedsOtherAspects

With cover photo by William Østensen and cover design by Tom Korsvold “I Dream in Colours” will be available in CD, LP, and Digital formats and tracklisting is as follows:

1. Goiserer Jodler / To Whom This May Concerne

2. I Usually Paint by Myself

3. Bergen is the Prettiest in Blue

4. Moonshine Movement

5. When You Dream in Colours

“I Dream in Colours” is now available to pre-order from:

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