Soft Ffog

Soft Ffog

Ever wonder what it would sound like if Jimi Hendrix joined Deep Purple pursuing to sound like Gentle Giant, and then failing miserably because of too much jazz consumption lately? Didn’t think so, but anyhow Soft Ffog´s sound is unique, and draws parallels to the aforementioned acts in somewhat style, compostitions and astetic, but is more rooted in jazz with their prolonged solos and improvisations. 

The band was originally formed for a one-off gig commissioned by the famous Kongsberg Jazzfestival in 2016, greatly received by a raving audience. Despite the success of this event, the band did not get the momentum it needed to be a proper working band. This combined with the busy schedules for the musicians in other bands and projects the band only played gigs every now and then the next years, but these gigs of maturing refined their sound, so bandleader Tom Hasslan decided in 2020 that the time was right to record their first album with all Hasslan compositions. 

The album was recorded at the magnificent Studio Paradiso with Christian Engfelt as engineer and producer. 

Their debut album is set to be released on the Is it Jazz? label in the spring of 2022. Beware of blistering Guitar solos, gnarly bass, crazy drums and supersonic keyboard playing! 

Tom Hasslan: Guitar
Axel Skalstad: Drums 
Trond Frønes: Bass 
Vegard Lien Bjerkan: Keyboards 

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