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Datadyr is a Jazz trio from Bergen. The music ranges from the heartfelt and gentle to the energetic and explosive, and it’s rarely far between those extremes. During four years of studying jazz at the Grieg Academy, the inspiration that accumulated and the expression that remains today is characterized by traditional jazz, newer directions in jazz and improvised music.

Many of the songs on the debut album have their origins from the beginning of their studies, and have developed in parallel with the band. Songwriting and arranging have gradually taken a bigger part in rehearsal, while the band worked hard to retain the spontaneous and playful expression that was the starting point for the trio.

Øystein Høynes – is a bassist from Sortland in Vesterålen based in Bergen. After 1 year at Sund Folkehøyskole and 4 years at Griegakademiet, he has made a deep dive into American and Scandinavian jazz, something you can hear in the music. Øystein likes to explore differences in genres and mix them. His playing is characterized as groovy and playful, with a desire to drive the music forward. He can be seen in several projects with large genre gaps, and is already a well-known figure on the music scene in Bergen. He has released music with Finnseth Trio, Herkules and Atari, and is currently relevant in bands such as Datadyr, Atari, Tara Martine, Treverket, and HVO.

Odd Erlend Mikkelsen – Gitar
Amund Nordstrøm – Trommer
Øystein Høynes – Bass

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