Is It Jazz? Records set to release digital EP from jazz trio Datadyr


Norwegian jazz trio DATADYR was the second signing on the newly formed Is it Jazz? Records back in 2022, and the label went on to release the young band’s first album “Woolgathering” in June of that year. 

DATADYR’s music ranges from the heartfelt and gentle to the energetic and explosive, and it’s rarely far between those extremes, and the debut  album itself was a collection of the trio’s favourite songs, which they had written early on in their careers. As such, it showcased the kind of music its members were influenced by, both as individual musicians and as a band.

“Woolgathering” did, in fact, provide a smorgasbord of atmospheric jazz and Americana with a retro post-pop feel, and, needless to say, there was an abundance of tracks to choose from, some of which, both band and label thought would be perfect for a follow up EP. 

Datadyr - Keymaster EP
Cover art Eigil Nordstrøm

Hence, on the 24th February, Is it Jazz? Records will release four of those tracks as a digital EP titled “Keymaster”.

As the band explained:

When we entered the studio to record our debut album we knew we had too much material to fit on a record, and now the songs we decided to leave out are being released as an ep!

We also had the pleasure of having Mathias Marstrander play some beautiful pedal-steel on Tamagochi Dream!

We’re looking forward to releasing the rest of the songs from the album recording-sessions and hope you like them!

Photo by Olav Vikingstad

Recorded at the Solslottet studio at Bergen Kjøtt with Iver Sandøy as the engineer and producer, and with cover art by Eigil Nordstrøm and band photographs by Olav Vikingstad, tracklisting on “Keymaster” is as follows:

1. Keymaster
2. Tamagotchi Dream
3. Onkel Amerika
4. Free Folk

“Keymaster” is now available to pre-order at:

Pre-save link:

With all three members having studied jazz at the Grieg Academy, DATADYR’s lineup of Øystein Høynes on bass, Amund Nordstrøm on drums and Odd Erlend Mikkelsen on guitars, have garnered experience in bands such as KRYPTOGRAF, DREAMARCHER, ATARI, CORT PIIL and SHAKAI. By combining their extensive studies with their accumulated experience, the trio has been able  to create a sound characterized by traditional jazz, along with newer directions in the genre, as well as improvisation. 

More information about DATADYR can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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    Is It Jazz? Records set to release digital EP from jazz trio Datadyr